Our Staff

At Carriage Manor we have a dedicated staff who treat each other and the guests more like family. We strive to provide this type of inviting and warm atmosphere so every single person at the Manor feels at home. It’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable and taken care of properly and below are two key team members that make sure that happens.

Lynn Winslow | Director of Operations

Lynn has been head of Operations for over 37-years at the Carriage Manor complex. She is organized and efficient and it’s the very reason the manor runs so smoothly on a daily basis. She handles all management, billing, and staffing and will even do the laundry if necessary. She has a do what it takes attitude and it’s why the Manor looks so beautiful. However, her main objective is to make sure the guests are happy and there is a mutual respect between all individuals as well as with the Manor itself. Lynn spends most of her time at the Manor so she is grateful she has a love and a passion for every part of it.

Gail | Recreation Director

Gail has been a Recreation Director at Carriage Manor for over 3-years, but in the industry for over 20-years. She obtained a degree in Recreation and works with a variety of people, many with disabilities. She gets excited when the guests get excited and she is always on a mission to meet their leisurely, emotional and social needs. She makes it her mission to accommodate each and every person and provides fun activities for all to participate. For that reason, our guests are truly thankful for her. Monday through Friday she runs some sort of entertaining activity and even hosts a game night once per month. Overall, she loves her job and is always excited to share her creativity with others.